After Hijrat:

Bay'at-ar-Ridwan :

Uthman was in Makkah longer than the Muslims had expected and the rumor spread that he had been killed. Then the Messenger of Allah called for a pledge of allegiance. He sat beneath a tree and the Muslims promised that they would fight with him to the last man. The Messenger of Allah took his own hand and said, 'This is for Uthman.' Later they heard that Uthman had not been murdered and he came back safely.
The Pledge took place under an acacia tree in al-Hudaybiyyah and is referred to in the Quran Allah revealed, 'Allah was pleased with the believers when they were pledging their allegiance under the tree.'(sura Fatah 48: 18)
The deadlock between the Quraysh and the Muslims continued until four envoys came to the Messenger of Allah who said to each one, 'We did not come to fight anyone. Rather we came to perform 'Umrah.'
But the Quraysh remained stubborn and refused to allow them to proceed.
One of the envoys, 'Urwah ibn Mas'ud ath-Thaqafi, went back to his people and said, 'O people! By Allah, I have been in the presence of kings - from Chosroes, and Caesar to the Negus - and by Allah, I have never seen any king whose people respected him as much as the companions of Muhammad respect Muhammad.' He described to them what he had seen.

Allahumma Salle Alaa Muhammad en Wa Alaa Aalihee Wassallim

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